Omni Pixel Eyewear

Computer glasses have provided many computer users with welcome relief for their eyes after spending countless hours on the computer for work or gaming. During optometry visits, I would inquire about the cost of purchasing an additional pair of prescription glasses just to use while I worked on the computer.  The costly price was a deterrent.

Then, I found Pixel Eyewear, which are glasses designed to help minimize eye strain while working on the computer or other electronic devices. Here’s my review of the Omni Pixel glasses.

Issues With Blue Light

To understand how Pixel glasses help, it’s important to first understand the health issues caused by our dependence on electronic devices. These digital devices, including computer screens, mobile devices, and television, continuously emit a blue light. Over an extended time, this blue light can cause eye fatigue, blurred vision, and headaches. The blue light can also cause problems with our circadian rhythm, which regulates melatonin, and therefore tends to disrupt sleep quantity and quality.

What Makes Pixel Glasses Different?

To help ease eye strain from exposure to blue light, Pixel created lens technology that it uses in all of its eyeglasses. Pixel lenses filter 50% of blue light, including as much as 95% at the strongest wavelengths without the yellow tint. The lenses help do this through an anti-reflective coating. In contrast, other computer glasses are typically yellow and offer low transparency. The glasses also have UV protection

What also sets Pixel apart is that the glasses have a combination of the latest coating technologies. There is a super-hydrophobic outer layer, which is nanotechnology made to reduce smudges and repels water and dust. The coating technologies also remove color and image distortion.

About Omni Pixel Glasses

The Omni style is made for men or women. It has a straight brow and keyhole bridge, offering a medium-wide width. Two-color choices include Smolder (tortoiseshell color) and Crystal (clear plastic look).

What I Like and What Could Be Better

All of the Pixel glasses have a clear lens, so they look like a standard pair of glasses. The frames used by Pixel contain cellulose acetate, which is used by most high-end eyewear brands. If you don’t like the Omni style, you can also choose from a wide selection of other eyeglass frame styles. They have an online size guide to help you pick the right size.

The Pixel glasses are now also available as part of getting your prescription glasses. The company gives you a 30-day risk-free trip for its regular computer glasses. It also offers free U.S. shipping, returns, and exchanges. Another positive about Pixel is that they are affordably priced, making them accessible to a larger group of computer users.

The glasses arrived quickly and were carefully packaged. I checked their customer service response and found them to be quick, friendly, and knowledgeable. It was good to know that they were available should I need assistance.

Other than feeling a bit heavier on my face than my other prescription eyeglasses, it is difficult to find fault with these computer and gaming glasses.


In the Box

Each pair of Pixel glasses comes with a cleaning cloth, a soft pouch, and a case.

Purchase Options

You can purchase these glasses through the Pixel website or through most optometrists and eyeglass retailers. Some styles are also available on Amazon.

Overall Thoughts

Since purchasing and wearing my Omni Smolder prescription glasses, I have not experienced eye strain or headaches, nor have I required eye drops to help with dry eyes. They are comfortable, stylish, and fairly priced. I would recommend Pixel glasses, including the Omni style, to anyone that spends countless hours on their laptop, smartphone, and/or gaming device.

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