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A brand new year and brand new business strategies. In this highly competitive market environment, it has become inevitable to stay consistently updated. If your business lacks in a certain aspect, it is bound to fall behind in the prevailing competition. Here are the technology trends to follow in 2020 and beyond.

There’s always a brand better out there that’s outdoing you in every way.

Having a first-rate brand becomes all the more crucial when it comes to tech implementation. With the increasing demand from customers as well, your business should reinvest in trending technologies that shape the current market ecosystem.

How do you know which tech to invest in?

How do you know which technology is worth investing in and will dominate this year or even in this decade? How do you find out if it makes more sense to focus on the Internet of Things or Artificial Intelligence or something completely different as mobility solutions?

This numbers-rich infographic with a key takeaway by Simform help you have a visual of the top technology trends of 2020.

From Progressive Web Applications to Augmented Reality, find insights on their market size, expected growth, takers, benefits and more on one easy-to-understand graphical content.

Technology trends for 2020
Technology trends for 2020

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