Having clean air in your home or office can help to reduce allergies and provide a healthy environment. Adding some humidity to the air offers a comforting environment. The air feels better than air becomes dry and stale due to centralized air conditioning or heating systems. Whether you’re sick or in perfect health — a humidifier offers a soothing environment. Here is COSTWAY Ultrasonic 4/5L Humidifier.

Over the years, I have tried many humidifiers. Some have worked while others weren’t so great. With more technology hitting the market, I thought I would search for a new humidifier that has smart features and is adaptive to any environment.

COSTWAY offers many sizes and types of humidifiers, but I settled on the COSTWAY Ultrasonic 4.5L Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier. Here’s my review.


There are many technologically advanced aspects of this ultrasonic air humidifier. The first tech feature is the smart humidity sensing.  The humidifier senses the air humidity and then adjusts to achieve the temperature you set. Once it senses the room has reached the right humidity, it stops until the humidity decreases again.

The humidifier also has an LED touch display along with remote control. The LED touch display gives you numerous function options to choose from, including a timer, mist volume, and sleep mode. You can also opt to use the remote control to access that functionality.

Key Features

There are many cool features to this air humidifier that make it so much better than the traditional air humidifier you might have used. COSTWAY offers cold and warm humidification modes so you can seed the mist temperature that meets your needs.

For example, the cool mist can create a more comfortable living environment and can help sleep quality. Then, the warm mist works to disinfect the air and improve room temperature during the colder months. There is also a 360-degree mist nozzle to cover a broader and higher area. Plus, you can adjust the volume of mist between low, medium, and high.

There is a mute sleep mode that allows the humidifier to keep working and provide that comforting environment without the noise. Also, there is an independent aromatherapy box. In the box, you can add some drops of essential oil you enjoy to add to the effect the humidifier provides.

What I Like and What Could Be Better

The ultrasonic humidifier has numerous certifications, including ETL, CE, CB, EMC, ROHS, UL certification, which means it has a standard much higher than other air humidifiers in terms of quality and safety. It has a sizable water tank capacity of 1.2 gallons (4.5 liters).

The humidifier also helps reduce dust thanks to its air filter features. I also like the durability and look of the air humidifier. It fits in every room we put it in, giving us the versatility to use it in the living room, a bedroom, or office. There is also anti-skid protection on the bottom to prevent anything from getting scratched wherever you place it.

If I were to note anything that could be better, I would suggest they revise their user guide to be more specific in terms of describing how to use the humidifier.  Also, if you plan on using aromatherapy, use it sparingly as the scent is hard to remove if you want to change out the type of essential oil you’re using. The smell could be easier to clean out.

In the Box

The ultrasonic humidifier comes with a remote control and user guide. COSTWAY provides a 90-day warranty.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the ultrasonic air humidifier from COSTWAY for approximately $60 with free shipping. Or, you can find it on Amazon for around $70 with free shipping.

Overall Thoughts

The COSTWAY Ultrasonic is a reasonably priced, high technology air humidifier. It’s durable and made to go the distance. The price point makes it accessible for a vast audience and offers beneficial features like sleep mode, humidity sensors, and aromatherapy.

Plus, this humidifier is so quiet at night — as well as easy to set-up and use. For anyone that has a cough, gets nose bleeds from dry air, or experiences itchy eyes, this humidifier will vastly reduce and even eliminate those symptoms.

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