I love playing console games. And, now that I’m home more, there is more time to get back into some of my favorite games on my PS4 and Xbox One. We also recently bought a Nintendo Switch over the holidays.

Although we have the gaming consoles connected to our TVs, it would be really great to get a big-screen view of the action by using a projector. However, normal projectors aren’t made for gaming due to the lag time.

After some initial research, I discovered gaming projectors.

BenQ is on a mission to change that, so that’s where I started. I picked up their TH685 HDR 1080P console gaming projector for $799. Everything they have put out about the new gaming projector promises low input lag for an excellent console gaming experience. Here’s my review.

console gaming projector


TH685 is compatible with HDR through HDMI 2.0. This gives the gaming projector a way to create a more colorful and higher contrast ratio than if it just used SDR. It has an integrated five-watt speaker and an equalizer.

Other features include an 8.3ms@120Hz response time for a smooth gaming experience. This makes it so much better for playing sports video as well as enjoying video games that feature reaction-critical shooters or that have timing-dependent battle arenas.

There are also Enhanced Game Modes & Game Sound Modes for detailed audiovisual effect plus 3500 ANSI lumens for well-lit gaming environments.


There is a lot to love about this gaming projector. It delivers a more dynamic color range and stunning images that enhanced the gaming experience.  The contrasts make it easy to designate enemies from non-player characters and the overall gaming environmental details.

The audio is excellent plus there is low input lag and minimal eye strain when playing for a long time thanks to LumiExpert.

Another pro is that it comes with a three-year warranty and a 15,000-hour lamp life. It is also compatible with all major video game consoles, including Sony PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One X, and Google stadia.

Another advantage is that the gaming projector also works well for watching movies, viewing sports, and using for business applications like displaying spreadsheets or presentations.

For me, that increased the value and justified the price for me. Otherwise, the price might have been a con because it was a lot to spend if it was just a gaming projector as I only started playing more while under the shelter-in-place mandate.

gaming projector
The gaming projector works well to watch movies, too.


The only real con was that I had some connectivity issues at first, but that was quickly fixed with just changing out the cables and refitting them to the projector as well as adding an HDMI signal booster.

Overall Thoughts

If you play a lot of games in your home plus love movies, this is the projector to buy. The visual and audio quality is excellent while the lag time is minimal. That offers a way to truly enjoy your gaming experience on the big screen. It is more expensive than comparable projectors.
However, the visual and audio experience and ability to use it for other viewing activities still make it a better value

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