victor sit stand desk

The year 2020 made it clear to all of us — we must maintain healthy options with our home office furniture — as well as at work.

Insist on Healthy Options With a Victor Sit Stand Desk

victor sit stand desk
Healthy Options With a Victor Sit Stand Desk

I hadn’t thought much about my home office until COVID-19 hit town. Sitting on the bed to work — then walking in and sitting on the couch to work — then finally walking into my office to work. I wish I had known how bad my back would hurt. Had I known what a great desk I had at work — I would have gotten one for my home.

And I didn’t think COVID was going to last so long. We still aren’t out of it! Only half of our office is back to work in-house. Because of COVID — I realized that my home office must always be in primo working order — just like my equipment at the office.

We always maintain health options at work. Every person has a sit/stand desk.

Healthy Options With a Victor Sit Stand Desk

In today’s world — a sit/stand desk is no longer an option. But what if your office space is a smaller office, or crowded? The Victor High Rise Height Adjustable Compact Electric Full Standing Desk is the way to go.

The best is the compact 36″ wide desktop with a deep work surface (23.6″) that holds all your stuff. You can comfortably hold your laptop, screen, keyboard and mouse, phone and more. Besides the smooth mechanism running the desk up and down — I like how roomy this desk is on top.

I finally ordered the Victor High Rise Adjustable Compact Electric Full Standing Desk for my home office.

Was it a miracle that my back felt better within a couple of weeks? I think not. You don’t have to rely on a miracle when you have the correct equipment working for you. I believe I felt better because this desk makes you conscious that you should stand — so you stand.

When I began moving directly to my home office in the a.m. after getting ready — my days went better and I was more productive. I learned that you can’t be productive when your back hurts. You waste time when you are in pain.

What I Like the Best

I like that this desk doesn’t take up the whole office space — I still have room for my sewing table, too. The operation up and down is flawlessly smooth — and it’s fast and easy. The Victor has a memory setting function so you can quickly save the heights you want.

Best for someone like me is that I didn’t have to ask anyone to help me put this item together. I hate that! Put it together in less than 10 minutes and was up and running — perfect.

This is a nice sturdy piece with steel legs and the desktop is sleek and modern. Everything looks really neat and tidy on top — and the cables don’t dangle all over — they stay in a tidy bundle and don’t get tangled with other equipment cords. I ended up putting two screens on a single post and the desk still looks great.

The price point is low enough that I was able to afford a nice desk chair as well.

If you need it — the site has a how-to vid — I didn’t need it. There are bulk discounts for your office or classroom. This is a great little desk.

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