It’s 2021: “digital advertising,” once a niche corner of the marketing world, is now key and the primary method of reaching new customers for just about every business. People who once were best advertised via billboards are now active social media users, and businesses need to know how to respond in kind.

AdOutreach Helps You Take Advantage of the How-To’s of YouTube Ads

While Facebook was once the advertising platform par excellence, some major players in the digital marketing world are starting to sense a paradigm shift. Chief among them is AdOutreach, a firm dedicated to helping people master the nuances of YouTube advertising in an increasingly online world. For several years now, the thinkers at AdOutreach have seen YouTube become an increasingly ideal place for increasing consumer traction. Here’s what that means for your business:

The Blue Ocean of Ads

Aleric Heck, the founder and head of AdOutreach, believes the changing landscape of social media advertising is showing that Facebook, once a “blue ocean” of low buy-in costs and big growth opportunities, is now a “red ocean” — a space dominated by competition and overcrowding, leading to diminishing returns and dampened performance.

In contrast, Heck sees YouTube as just about the bluest an ocean could possibly get for a business. This is due primarily to two reasons, the first being the obvious: cost. On Facebook, your business gets charged every time a user views your ad — no matter who they are or how likely they are to interact with it.

Your company doesn’t get a bill on YouTube unless someone watches at least 30 seconds or more of your advertisement; should they skip over it at any point before then, you don’t get charged one penny. Simply put, this means you could be getting just as much exposure with YouTube (or more) at only a fraction of the cost charged by Facebook.

The second reason is that most users arrive on YouTube and Facebook with different intentions. Facebook is generally a place for casual socialization, and many of the people who go on it do so as a reflex, i.e., “I’ve got nothing else to do, might as well go on Facebook.”

If someone goes onto YouTube, it’s almost always because they want to engage with certain content, either on a specific subject or from a creator they admire. This means a more engaged usership, one that, if you target correctly, is far more likely to be receptive to your ads.

Making it All Work for Anyone

Of course, none of this matters if you don’t have a solid strategy backing you up. You can’t simply take the logic of advertising and Facebook and graft it onto YouTube. Thankfully, Heck and the other experts at AdOutreach have some pretty simple guidelines that can turn even the greenest neophytes into seasoned digital marketers.

While the company has published a helpful guide to making effective YouTube ads, their main inroads have been made through direct education of soon-to-be experts — namely in the form of webinars and masterclasses. The webinars are run live and are highly engaging introductions to the world of YouTube ads, but the masterclasses are where the biggest growth opportunities lie.

Even a few years ago, entrepreneurs needed to transition from Facebook to YouTube ads from the ground up, relearning the entire infrastructure. AdOutreach’s classes and webinars seek to smooth out that process, helping entrepreneurs achieve six-figure returns just weeks after they’ve grasped the ropes.

The Basics of YouTube Ad Mastery

The gist is pretty simple: keep things clear and concise. You don’t need fancy equipment, just a camera or phone that can record in 1080p. You don’t need set pieces and high production values, just a simple message and a lucid script that gets it across effectively. Moreover, don’t forget the fundamental structure of YouTube ads: if you can’t capture someone’s attention in the first 5 seconds, they’ll probably skip straight to their video.

Build an ad strategy around dynamism and brief pitches, and you’ll generate levels of attention on YouTube that simply aren’t possible anymore on a platform like Facebook.

If you want to deploy successful ads, you need to send them to the right place.

Facebook may have been dominant just a few years back, but new horizons have emerged. AdOutreach has helped companies achieve incredible returns through YouTube — why not start to cash in on the gold rush yourself?

Image Credit: AdOutreach; Aleric Heck; Thank You!

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