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I got the Zeno Gym a little over a month ago. Man, is it tough — but I’m a little older. Then my little brother tried it out and loved it — he has consistently lifted weights several times a week at a gym for years. Then — my nephew (who plays football at a university) tried out my gym — it was tough enough for a pro, and he loved it. So that’s why I added the title: The Zeno Gym — Just Right Even for the Health Nuts. Those two guys are health nuts — I just want to get stronger.

zeno gym

Great Success Can be Yours — Zeno Shows You How

I’d really aspire to look like one of these pics above — but I know my limitations. However, you can sign up for an on-demand trainer. That’s my plan as well. There are over 60 training videos and five trainers to choose from. It really does feel like Zeno Gym is helping you every step of the way. You feel supported and cared about as you connect to this service.

zeno gym training services
Training services with the Zeno Gym

There is a trainer for beginners and experienced users. However, I seriously don’t think all the covid stuff is going away, and I decided to make sure I have options at home for working out in the future — no matter what is going on with the rest of the world.

You can choose from over 50 exercises and pick your level of difficulty. You can do bench presses, glute raises, step-ups, hip thrusts, should rows, butterfly presses and more.

The Zeno Gym can easily fit in your home or office.

The boss has agreed to get us a gym for use at the office after I mentioned the fun and success at home. I decided that having the Zeno accessible at all times will make it more likely that I’ll get my workout done — and it works. Not having to hit the gym after work is heavenly — especially if I have to stay late at the office.

zeno gym components
Components to the Zeno Gym

The bench is engineered to support up to 1,000 pounds and has reinforced stitching and high-grade resiliency foam (so it’s not going to wear out for years). The Workout Bench comes with a variety of attachments such as 3 Pairs of Bands (50 lbs, 30 lbs, 15 lbs), 2 handles, 1 ankle strap, and 6 D-rings for Resistant Band Attachments.

You’ll love the great components and additions to the Zeno. I’m still groaning under the pressure of the squat board — but I’m gaining in strength.

What We Like

We all like that the Zeno Gym is small enough to fit in a home in a spot that is not a regular home gym. It bench is well padded and comfortable enough to stick with your reps. You can also find the Zeno Gym on Amazon and I’d watch for a better price there — though the price of the Zeno is comparative to other similar gym products.

We also love that all the equipment and your stuff (even a towel) can fit inside the bench. Clean and sleek and easy to wipe off between users.

A great little bench and a good workout.

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